Addicted…to TV

Boots, vintage; trousers, Forever 21; blouse, Suzy Shier, gift from Mom; belt, Liz Claiborne, thrifted; earrings, Ardene, gift from Mom; bracelet, Forever 21, gift from Mom; necklace, vintage.

These boots were my Grammie’s, but they look like they were never worn. The only thing I had to do to them was get the heel nubs repaired!

So, who is watching American Idol right now? I had a hard time deciding what to watch at 8 tonight, but went with Idol so I could talk about it at work tomorrow. I don’t want to be left out of a pop culture conversation! Oh, the naïveté! The reason I couldn’t decide what to watch tonight is because I am addicted to TV and have 20 shows on the go right now. I’m opening myself up for scathing disapproval, but here is my lineup:

Monday: 2 Broke Girls, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars

Tuesday: Jane By Design, New Girl, Parenthood

Wednesday: American Idol, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Hot in Cleveland, Whitney, Bomb Girls (mini-series)

Thursday: American Idol, Private Practice, Vampire Diaries, Up All Night

Friday: Nothing!

Saturday: Nothing!

Sunday: Pan Am, Shameless, Californication

Next month, The Amazing Race starts again, and in March, Dancing With the Stars comes back for another kick at the Mirrorball Trophy. Don’t even bother trying to make plans with me – I’m busy killing my brain cells.

Omniprescent Oscar

What can I possibly do to be more girly right now – I’m putting together this Oscar post while Sex and the City is on the in background, and I’m sipping a tea while eating chocolate chip cookies. All I need are the quintessential curlers in my hair, an avocado mask on my face, and toe separators securely in place while my nail polish dries.

Let’s just cut right to it. Dresses, dresses, dresses!!!

I’m sure everyone has seen Mila Kunis’ Elie Saab by now. It’s my favourite of the night! The draping is perfect, and the dress is demure, yet sexy, and the delicate scalloping around the bust is so come-hither. I love it!

Wow – what a transformation from the beat-up and bloody girl from Winter’s Bone! Jennifer Lawrence looks smokin’, yo! Her Calvin Klein dress is so simple, but she looks like a complete bombshell. (Question: How do celebrities wear necklines like this, but their breasts still look springy, not saggy and deflated?) I also thought it was funny when on the red carpet, Lawrence said, “I’m here to have fun, and lose!” Haha!

And she does it again. Natalie Portman looks radiant in her Rodarte dress. What else can I say, really? She never fails! (I also love her tassel earrings, and how they contrast with the texture of her beaded neckline.)

I have to agree with ABC’s red-carpet commentator, Randolph Duke, who said Hailee Steinfeld was wearing something completely age-appropriate. I think she’s only 14, and the sheer overlay that covers her upper chest is a classy touch. In her Marchesa, she’s a ballerina from a jewelry box – so lovely and cute! Pretty sure I couldn’t have walked in those shoes when I was 14, though. Yowza!

Ah, the many looks of Anne Hathaway. I’ll pass on the red Valentino – not a fan of the poufy side-gathering; I’m loving the cream Givenchy Haute Couture gown, though – wouldn’t my red hair suit it well? Haha! In look number three, Hathaway looks super-cute in her Lanvin tuxedo, but her song was annoying. I don’t like her fourth look because of the way the overlay stops at knee-level (I don’t think it would look that great extended, either, so I suppose I’m OWT on this one).

Ah, my favourite dress of Miss. Hathaway’s! The spectacular fringed and sparkly number on the far left is by Oscar de la Renta, and I want it (Hathaway also looked beautiful – I thought her hairstyle was fantastic paired with this dress)! The sixth look is an Atelier Versace that I’m oatmealing out on; and her seventh dress was an Armani Prive that me no likey. Number eight, the final look, was Tom Ford, but too severe for my tastes.

Sandra Bullock wore Vera Wang last night, and hers is a look I’m on the fence about. Like? Not like? Mehhhh. What I did find agreeable was her comment to Javier Bardem that he scared America…with a bad haircut (No Country for Old Men reference). Haha!

I didn’t exactly love Amy Adams’ L’Wren Scott (and I didn’t think the green jewels matched), but come on – how gorgeous is she?! During the show, when the camera panned to Adams, her makeup looked flawless. Girl crush!

Attack of the green jewelery! Reese Witherspoon accented her Armani Prive gown with this year’s ubiquitous emerald-coloured baubles. (Did anyone else notice this?) As for her actual dress, another meh. It’s hard not to do a double-take, though – she’s so glamorous!

I love the colour of Scarlett Johansson’s Dolce & Gabbana dress, but I’m not loving the patchy lace and the flowers. I have to admit that she looks stunning, though! Her hair and makeup look wonderful!

All right, on to my least-favourites. What is going on with Jennifer Hudson’s cleavage? I think her bust size is too small for this amped-up look. Jennifer should have said no to this Atelier Versace. (I can’t get this picture to centre, for some reason!)

Too much tulle! Tulle overload! It looks like it got caught on the train of Halle Berry’s Marchesa. No, no, no.

Nicole Kidman’s makeup and face looked lovely (she didn’t seem as “tight” as usual), but her Christian Dior was a downer for me. She said she loved the structure, but that’s exactly what I dislike about it!

I thought I liked Gwyneth Paltrow’s Calvin Klein dress when I first saw it, but after studying it a bit more, I changed my mind. I don’t like the horizontal band of fabric along the bottom, or the drop-waist, and the neckline is too boxy, from shoulders to cleavage.

Just like we can count on Natalie Portman for class, we can count on Helena Bonham Carter for kook. What is happening with this Colleen Atwood disaster? Not to mention the ode to Britain…

What the f$&k is up with her f$%@&!g square-shouldered f$%@&!g dress underlaid with gold f$%@&!g tinfoil? If you watched the show last night, you’ll know that isn’t gratuitous swearing. I’m sorry to point out the joke, but I can’t have my sterling reputation damaged!

Tim Gunn was raving over Marisa Tomei’s Charles James dress, but I thought the neckline was ill-fitting in proportion to where her breasts are, and the split in the dress’ fabric and tulle didn’t flow together. But what do I know when up against the likes of Tim Gunn?!

The varied structure of Busy Philipps’ Douglas Hannant dress is not pleasing to my eyes – especially the square-shaped hip panel!

Look! It’s Cruella DeVil! (Otherwise known as Sharon Stone wearing Christian Dior.)

That would normally be the end of my review, but I found these heinous pictures of after-party looks at the Vanity Fair gala, and I just had to share. What was happening here?!?

Sophia Vergara.


Jessica Szohr.

Seriously? Music and TV was not representing last night! And in front of Vanity Fair herself? For shame! What did you think of the Oscar looks of 2011? One of my favourite things about Oscar night is studying what the actresses look like in comparison to the roles they played in their nominated movies. I think the biggest transformation was Melissa Leo from the mom in The Fighter, to the pretty woman who walked the red carpet. And, speaking of the films, I actually did pretty well in getting through the nominee list – I watched The Fighter, Winter’s Bone, The King’s Speech, Rabbit Hole, Blue Valentine, The Social Network, Black Swan, The Kids Are All Right, How to Train Your Dragon, and Inception. My favourites were The Kids are All Right and Rabbit Hole, and my hands-down least-favourite was Blue Valentine. How did your viewing go?

And, just before I sign off for tonight, I have to repeat one of my favourite quotes from the 2011 Oscars. It came from host James Franco after a segment about the winners of the Science & Technology awards – “All right, congratulations, nerds.”

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Post-awards girly time

If you read my blog, I’m making the leap and assuming you knew that the Golden Globes were on TV last night. Am I right, or am I right? I PVRed the 7 pm pre-show with Carson Daly, Alexa Chung, and Natalie Morales, and started watching it at 8, which allowed me to fast-forward through all the commercials of the entire GG marathon. Ah, technology.

By now, even if you didn’t watch the show yesterday, I’m sure most of you have checked out all the dresses and gossiped with at least one person about which actresses looked beautiful and which ones are sure to end up on the “worst dressed” lists. Here are my thoughts:

Seriously – does she ever look bad? And she’s pregnant! This isn’t my absolute favourite dress (Viktor & Rolf) of the night, but my vote for best-looking overall goes to Natalie Portman. I also thought her winner’s speech was genuine, and found her laughter at her own jokes to be funny and endearing. She seems perfect, but, to me, is also one of those rare celebrities who can pull off this image without seeming endlessly irritating. Are you with me?

Another pregnant lady, Jane Krakowski. She looks fantastic, and her Badgley Mischka dress flatters every curve of her body. The periwinkle colour is also pretty.

Love it or hate it? I bet you can guess that I love it. As a redhead, I fantasize about dresses in this colour, and I’m a fan of the cut as well. Long sleeves were seen quite a few times on the red carpet this year, and I think Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Versace version fit and fell the best. But how annoyed were you with the countless camera pans to Brangelina? Did she really have to lean back against him THAT much? Blech.

I first saw Eva Longoria’s Zac Posen dress when she came out on stage as a presenter, and I said to Darcy right away that hers is the dress I can most see myself actually wearing. You can’t see it here, but there is a silver applique that sits on her right hip, and I love the flashiness of it against the relative simplicity of the rest of the dress. The dress’ neckline is also right up my alley, and the back is open as well, which checks all the “sexy” boxes on my list, if I were ever to attend a red-carpet event. Do you think Zac Posen reads my blog and will send me a comp dress? *Hoots of laughter heard ’round the world*

Catherine Zeta-Jones always looks good, too, and when the camera landed on her and Michael Douglas during the pre-show, I gasped. I thought she looked so beautiful and elegant. She can definitely carry the colour and volume of her Monique Lhuillier dress.

I’m not a “Gleek,” but how classic and gorgeous does Dianna Agron look? Her hair, makeup, and accessories perfectly complement her J. Mendel dress. So glamorous!

Claire Danes shows that less is truly more in her Calvin Klein Collection dress. The colour doesn’t look as bright here as it did on TV, but the lines and cut pop out in exactly the same way. Understated, yet sexy – it gets my vote!

I recently started watching the TV show Party Down, and so became an even bigger fan of Jane Lynch. Here, in her Ali Rahimi dress, I think she looks age-appropriate and sophisticated.

Green alert! Mila Kunis is wearing one of the colours of the 2011 Golden Globes, and she’s pulling it off wonderfully. The wrappings of her Vera Wang dress fit around all the right places and make her tiny body look curvy. Oh, to afford yon magical couture.

It’s another love-it-or-hate-it moment. What was your initial reaction? Mine fell into the “love it” category, but I guess that isn’t really surprising since I also liked Angelina Jolie’s dress. During the pre-show, the camera was up close on Anne Hathaway’s face, and her hair looked so thick and luxurious. In this shot, her shade of brunette and the easy waves  of her hair really stand out against the coppery tones of her Giorgio Armani Prive dress.

Now, for the dresses and looks I didn’t like:

When I first saw January Jones in this Versace dress, I thought I liked it. But then I saw the fringed panel that only falls halfway down her legs. And then I noticed how oddly pushed-together her breasts look.  And then I realized her hairstyle doesn’t really complement the dress. I officially declare that I don’t like her look at all.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty, but there’s just too much going on with her Romona Keveza dress. Jennifer is busty enough without extra ruffles and pouf and circumstance. The bottom of the dress is voluminous, too, which just creates the overall effect of making her look bigger than she is.

Here lies Helena Bonham Carter in a Vivienne Westwood dress. A perennial favourite on the worst-dressed pages, Helena’s position as Queen is secure.

Ew. Jennifer Lopez, in her Zuhair Murad dress, reminds me of a cheesy 1970s lounge singer. I hate that sheer overlay!

I don’t like to dis The Klum, but I don’t think this Marc Jacobs dress does anything for her. Her waist has disappeared, the bracelets and midsection ruffles are competing for attention, and her lipstick clashes. Why, Heidi?

No, no, no. Halle Berry, in your Nina Ricci dress, NO.

When I saw Michelle Williams in this Valentino dress, I gasped, and not in a good way. What the $&#! The daisies? The frumpy stance? The oatmeal colour? As Elaine Benes would say,  ”vegetable lasagna.”

Christina Hendricks actually doesn’t have her ample cleavage on display, which is a nice change, but the huge flower applique on this Romona Keveza dress is still too much. If her hair was pulled back, if there wasn’t a satin strip lining the bottom of the dress, if the flower wasn’t there at all…if, if, if.

I think the Mad Men women need stylists. Elisabeth Moss’  Donna Karan dress appears to droop too low on her chest, thanks to the downward-pointing triangles, and the dress’ fabric panels just don’t seem to be sitting and wrapping in the right places. Hair and makeup are also suspect.

Quick – Jaime Pressly or Emma Stone? If you guessed the latter, you’re right. I can’t believe the resemblance now that Emma’s hair is blonde! Is this colour for a role? The whole ensemble of blonde hair, orangey skin, and a peach/apricot Calvin Klein Collection dress just isn’t working for me. It’s as if she’s one colour from head to toe.

And there you have it – my top 10 favourites and top 10 questionables from the Golden Globes. What were your likes and dislikes?

I realized while writing this tonight that before the Oscars roll around on February 27, I hope to have seen a few more of the “best” movies of 2010. As it stands, out of the nominees for various categories in last night’s show, I have seen Black Swan, Inception, The Social Network, The Tourist, Love and Other Drugs, and Easy A. That means I have forty days in which to see the nominated-in-one-way-or-the-other The Fighter, The Town, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (???), The King’s Speech, Burlesque, Country Strong, Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Tangled, 127 Hours, Alice in Wonderland, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, How to Train Your Dragon, The Illusionist, The Kids Are All Right, Animal Kingdom, Casino Jack, Barney’s Version, Frankie and Alice, Blue Valentine, Rabbit Hole, Winter’s Bone, and Red. Uhhhhh, I’m suddenly not feeling so optimistic…

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Let’s gossip!

At long last, Gossip Girl is back! How many of my readers are fans of the show? I know you exist, so don’t bother denying it. I’m admitting it to the world, so you can, too. I’ll be the first to say that many of the plot lines are ridiculous and soap-opera to the nth degree, but I’ve always been a big follower of scandals and animals and all their lovers, so when the women in question are as fabulously dressed as Serena and Blair, well, what do hope do I have, really, of avoiding such a salacious sensation?

No need to recap the episode – if you’re a fan you’re a fan and you’ll know what I’m talking about. And if you’re not a fan, you can look forward to my next post, which will most likely be based around a peanut butter/chocolate dessert.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty!

First, I have to comment on Serena’s over-the-knee boots in the opening scene on the street. And by comment I mean AHHHHHHH!!! Does a non-word, caps, and triple exclamation points sufficiently explain my absolute and undying love for these boots? I would sleep with them at night and pet them a la “pretty bird, pretty bird.”

The boots of my bliss.

And what a choice quote we have in the next scene from Jenny McBitch Humphries: (To Lily) “If we wanted to have sex, we would go to a hotel.” Oh, OK. Nothing to fuel the passion like a teenage tryst over a shared interest in drug smuggling. Drug mule!

While I’m on the subject, what has happened to Jenny? I have a pretty strong dislike going for her now and want to see her fall. I wish Eric would try and exact some more revenge on her. And don’t you think that drug-coat she made was cheap-looking and bordering on hideous? I can’t understand why Serena would agree to wear it after planning her entire outfit around, well, not wearing something that sounded like reindeer’s bells wishing you a Merry Christmas every time you moved. Honestly, did you hear that thing clanking and clinking whenever someone touched it? Serena, you had an OUTFIT planned – who cares if Damien gave you the bolero from hell. The drug-coat totally ruined Serena’s amazingly hot dress at the French ambassador’s ball. Black. Plunging neckline. High slit. Long sleeves. Backless. Need I say more?

Those aren’t your grandmother’s jewelled embellishments…

Blair also looked fantastic at the ball – her sparkly coat, sleek dress, braided hair, and chunky earrings were the complete package of the glamour only Blair can pull off (and maybe me too. If I was American. And crazy-rich. And lived on the Upper East Side. And had a famous fashion designer for a mother. And dated Chuck Bass. And…).

In another rip on Jenny, I thought her lipstick at the ball was too pink. The rest of her makeup looked great, and her eyes looked particularly amazing, but the lipstick…negative. Other thoughts on that?

So as not to dismiss the men of GG, has anyone else noticed Chuck’s more eccentric style of dress has gone the way of the dodo? I, like, um, like, totally get that he’s a super-high-powered business magnate…at 21 years old…but I miss his prepped-out country-club pant, shirt, and vest combos. They were so smug and languid with a very exact air of snob. I loved them.

Aaaaaand, back to Jenny again. Toward the end of the episode when Damien’s balloon-ego gets popped by Serena’s flouncy, well-manicured finger, Jenny swoops in for the kill and says coldly, “Maybe next time you won’t be so quick to dismiss me.” Who does Jenny think she is? Blair can pull off this line, Jenny can’t. No matter. Jenny’s in for more drug-smuggling high jinx in upcoming episodes, so let’s just sit back and watch until all of this inevitably blows up in Jenny’s pouty little face.

So, let’s go GG aficionados – let’s gossip! “XOXO…”

Oscar night!

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I did! Lucky for me, they were over at 10 MST time, rather than midnight for all of my eastern timezone friends. I totally missed the Golden Globes because of the whole timezone thing, so I made sure I was well aware of what was on when this time, as well as who was wearing what! I noticed that many of the dresses at this year’s Oscars were muted – lots of whiteish, goldish, silverish, nudish tones that at first glance washed some of the stars out, but upon closer scrutiny produced an overall look that I thought was glamorous and polished. Some of my favourite looks were:

Elizabeth Banks in Versace. I think she looks so elegant and poised!

Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka. I wouldn’t wear this gown myself, but that’s because it’s meant for a striking older woman such as this!

Kristen Stewart in Monique Lhullier. She always looks so sullen and disinterested in everything, including her presenter’s speech, but I have to admit I love her dress and it’s one of the gowns from last night that I can see myself in.

Meryl Streep in Chris March. Yay for Project Runway alum Chris March! His dress isn’t one I would wear, but Meryl looks fabulous and I can’t deny her fresh and natural beauty. I think she looks lovely!

Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham. I’m not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus (or her perpetually horrible posture on Oscar night) but I am a fan of her dress. This is another one I can see myself in. So pretty!

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa. Best actress winner Sandra wins my favourite look of the night. The total package of her dress, hair, and makeup are just so damn fabulous! I could gush about and dissect this look for a long time…

Tina Fey in Michael Kors. As soon as I saw Tina on the red carpet, I knew this was a dress I would wear, and after seeing everything else the stars had to offer, Tina’s gown is still the one dress I can most see myself in. The cut, the print, the colour, the subtle gathering on the thigh…I love, love, love it! And Tina looks great, too, of course…

Amanda Seyfried in Armani Prive. How classically beautiful does Amanda look in this picture?!

Queen Latifah in Badgley Mischka. The dress isn’t what I think is remarkable here – that would Queen Latifah herself!  I think her makeup looks simple and natural with that special touch of glamour that seems to be her signature look at red-carpet events. I do have to say, though, that’s an unfortunate shot of the woman in blue behind The Queen.

Penelope Cruz in Donna Karan. The colour and style of this dress is a combination I would never choose for myself, but I think Penelope looks gorgeous! I didn’t see her in the red carpet show, but when she came out onstage, I said “wow!” Her makeup looks perfect against her skin and the wine/burgundy shade of her dress.

Vera Farmiga in Marchesa. I didn’t think I liked Vera’s dress, but that’s because I didn’t see it from the front in a shot like this! The position of her arm and the curve and structure of the ruffles against her open hip make this dress (and her!) look amazing!

So, those are my favourite looks, for one reason or another, and while I definitely have my least favourite looks, too, I want to showcase some of my “I can’t decide if I like it or not” looks from last night. What do you think:

Deborah Ann Woll in Nicole Miller. I like the colour, the detail at the waist, the plunging neckline, and the fact that she has red hair and looks gorgeous. But do I like everything together? I just don’t know.

Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab. I am in love with the wrapping on the upper half of the dress, and the actual cut is great, too, but I think it might be the colours that are throwing me off. Too pale for her, perhaps?

Anna Kendrick in Elie Saab. In her defence, the original gown she was supposed to wear was blue and she hated it so she ended up with this one. I think it’s a pretty dress, but too close to the colour of her skin tone.

Demi Moore in Versace. Again, I think this dress is beautiful, just too close to Demi’s skin colour!

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta. OK, you can’t say that this dress is any way unattractive. The sparkles! The trim! The icy colour! I think the problem is that it just doesn’t seem Cameron to me. Her hairstyle doesn’t really suit her, either. Too stuffy…or something.

Here she is at the Vanity Fair party – doesn’t this seem so much more Cameron?

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten. I feel like I should like this dress, but at the same time I can’t convince myself that I do. So I guess I don’t. Or do I? What I do know is that Maggie looks gorgeous!

So now that I’ve hmmmmed and hawed over those looks, here are the ones I saw and said to myself “No!!”

Charlize Theron in Dior. I saw someone Tweet that the patterns around her breasts looked like Cinnabons, and now that’s all I can see when I look at this dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel. Oh, woe to one of the women whose look I was most anticipating. What is that strap across her neck? I do not like this dress at all, and when I saw her interviewed on the red carpet, she looked too tanned. Did anyone else notice that?

Zoe Saldana in Riccardo Tischi. Do I really need to say anything about this?

Carey Mulligan in Prada. I am really turned off by the cut of the front of this dress. And, Carey’s shoes look too chunky and are too strappy for such a dress as this. There’s just too much going on and you don’t know where to look!

Molly Ringwald. Her dress is actually fine, and so is her makeup; it was her blank fembot recitation of her presenter speech that bothered me. Her eyes were so wide and staring and vacant! Sorry, fellow redhead.

Mariah Carey in Valentino. I’ll say it plain: she looks stuffed into this. Also, I think her heels are too high and clash with her clutch and white dress-applique.

Now that I have gone over the whole fashion thing, I just want to make a few honorable mentions/general observations from last night:

Does best actor winner Jeff Bridges not seem like the friendliest, most easygoing man ever?!

Why did George Clooney looked pissed off every time the camera panned to him? He usually cracks a smile!

Funny line #1: Steve Martin on Meryl Streep – Anyone who works with her knows two things. “Can that woman act, and what’s up with all that Hitler memorabilia?”

Funny line #2: Robert Downey Jr. to Tina Fey on the relationship between actors and writers – It’s “a collaboration between handsome, beautiful people and you sickly mole-people.”


What were your favourite Oscar looks and moments?

Oh, Donny Boy…


Donny and Kym givin’ it their all.

Last night was the  finale of Season 9 of Dancing With the Stars, and what a two-hour dancing extravaganza it was! Glitz, shine, teeth, tans, tears, and false eyelashes abounded. But, in the end, there could only be one winner, and that was 1970s teen idol (and No. 1 heartthrob of my mom), Donny Osmond.  Dancing with Kym Johnson, Donny quietly dominated the season because of his popularity with the audience, and not necessarily because of his consistent dancing. Team Osmond topped their season off, however, with a show-stopping freestyle dance that had Donny stepping out as a Broadway dancer, all decked out for what was an energetic and exciting performance (Kym was really giving those kicks hell!). Judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Len Goodman thought so too, and the pair scored a perfect 30. And, as Tom Bergeron ominously warned many times on Monday, the freestyle dance often makes or breaks a DWTS couple and the best performance usually produces the show’s winner. Voila! Donny and Kym take the cake, Mya and Dmitry Chaplin, the top-scoring couple all season, come second after an oatmeal freestyle dance modelled after a Hairspray number, and Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel place third after a freestyle dance in which Kelly messed up and whose own mistakes left her giggling uncontrollably afterward.

Personally, even though I thought Mya was the best dancer, I was secretly hoping and had myself convinced that Kelly was going to win. The chants of “Kel-ly! Kel-ly!” that occurred twice during last night’s show buoyed my hopes, but alas, it was not meant to be. Osmond-mania strikes in the new millennium.

So, here we are, Mirrorball Trophy awarded, and another season ended. I haven’t watched DWTS from the beginning, but started up with it in Season 6 (winners: Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas) after much urging from my mom. While it held no interest for me before mom’s fierce recommendation, once I gave it a try, I was hooked immediately! No stranger to reality television, I had no qualms there, and not exactly adverse to copious amounts of TV watching, adding another show into my viewing schedule was not a problem. (Yes, I do have a viewing schedule—what of it, say you?!) Anyway, I love the costumes on DWTS, I think the band is wildly talented in their renditions of anything from jazz to classic rock, the makeup on the women is always amazing, and I like to believe I could dance like that, too, if I just had a professional teacher who would give me one-on-one personal lessons, dammit! But, since I don’t have an abundance of calls coming in asking me to be the next member of the DWTS cast, as their made-up-by-me-new-feature-in-Season-10 “real person,” I guess I will have to settle for, well, nothing because DWTS won’t be back until, from what I can tell, Spring 2010. Until then, I suppose I can work on perfecting my spray tan and then falling asleep every night to Donny’s dulcet tones crooning Puppy Love in my ear.