Hark! The corner shelf makes its second appearance in blogland! If you missed my first post about the infamous corner shelf, you can check it out here, on Dear Edna’s blog, but if you don’t care to click through the link, just scroll down to the pictures below. This shelf is the newest addition to our home, and it was crafted with the skilled woodworking hands of my dad. It’s the perfect fit for an awkward space Darcy and I weren’t sure what to do with, and now that Christmas is over, I have decorated it with all of my vintage and thrifted finds that make up a motley crew of items from my family, Darcy’s family, antique malls, thrift stores, and more. Don’t forget to click on each picture for a closer look!


A vintage plethora of goods, from top to bottom.


The items on this shelf have been found and given to me from all over the place – my grandparents’ house in PEI, an antique store in Hamilton, my Uncle Ronnie in Nova Scotia, an antique mall in New Hampshire, my mom in Espanola, and my dad, back when he used to do some national and international travelling for work.


The majority of the collection on this shelf is made up of Darcy’s fondness for creatures of the brass variety. The old-man figurine is also his (it belonged to his maternal grandparents).


There are more of my dad’s travelling trinkets on this shelf, plus a Ukrainian egg that belonged to Darcy’s grandmother, a fisherman’s bust that my Grammie painted, a pair of binoculars that I have owned since I was about six years old, and a picture of my parents in the early 1970s, which is stowed away in a vintage jar.


There are a few items on this shelf that came from my Great Mom (my maternal great-grandmother), and they include the Butterfly Gold Pyrex bowls, the drunken-looking men (which, according to an inscription on the back, were given to her by her husband in the 1970s), and her five-year diary that spans from 1968 to 1973. My Grampie made the wooden toothpick holder, Darcy gave me the vintage copy of L.M. Montgomery’s Rilla of Ingleside, the red elf used to “move” around my room during the month of December, the Player’s cigarette tin was bought in Edmonton, and the old milk bottle is slowly being filled with corks from the bottles of wine that have been enjoyed in our home.

January 20135

You might recognize the scale and the corkscrew men because they have been featured on the blog before, but the Pyrex bowls have come from my mom, the old clothespins and vintage radio were found at my grandparents’ house, I bought the little dog for Darcy while we were Edmonton, and the penguin also comes from Edmonton (it was a stocking stuffer for Darcy, lover of all thing penguin-related).

What sorts of treasures and trinkets do you keep around your home?

Goodwill goodies

Today’s pictures are brought to you by the “HDR-ish” Picasa effect that “emulates that high-dynamic range look.”

Shoes and tights, Aldo; skirt, Rodier, thrifted; sweater, White + Warren, thrifted; belt, H&M; bracelets, Forever 21; watch, vintage; earrings, Ardene.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, ergo I stopped at the Goodwill on the way home. Perfectly sensible logic. I actually don’t like the Burlington Goodwill very much because the racks are sorted according to clothing type…and that’s  it. Without sizing to guide me, thrifting is made all the more challenging.

I ended up taking too many oversized things into the change room, but I did revel in the fact that I found this 100% cashmere sweater for $4.99 and this 100% wool skirt for $5.99. Has anyone heard of White + Warren or Rodier? I did some quick Internet reading and it looks like White + Warren is cashmere retailer and Rodier is a French company with origins in the mid-19th century. I was a bit scared to wash these items, but I made sure the bathroom sink was clean, filled it with cold water and Woolite, and hoped for the best. I DID NOT WRING THE CASHMERE. This seems to be the No.1 tenet cashmere owners must obey. Needless to say, I will not be washing this sweater very often. Another fun fact: 100% wool skirts do not wrinkle after they dry. Well, maybe some do, but mine didn’t, and any day I don’t have to bring out the ironing board is a day much appreciated.

We be grab-baggin’

I am horribly behind with my posts, and unlike everyone else I know, I don’t even have Pinterest to blame – every time I log on, my mind goes completely blank. Apparently, though, I’ve been feeling less-than-inspired on here as well…hence the lack of action on De Facto Redhead. But, for those of you who like chaos and confusion with some thrifting thrown in for bargooning pleasure, here is what I’ve been wearing and how I’ve been wiling away the time:

Boots, Spring; jeans, Costa Blanca; shirt-dress, Vero Moda; vest, H&M, belt, Le Chateau; bracelets, assorted; necklace, vintage, gift from Mom.

Boots, Spring; jeans, Levis; blouse, H&M; sweater, Zara; belt, thrifted; brooch, vintage.

Boots, Spring; jeans, Levis; sweater, Jacob; coat and hat, Urban Outfitters; gloves and purse, Old Navy; scarf, vintage. I wore this outfit in Toronto on January 21 while going to this:

This exhibit was taking place at the Bell TIFF Lightbox, and my mom and I managed to sneak in on the last weekend the event was in town. We dutifully paid our $15 for our tickets and proceeded to enjoy every minute of the exhibit. Grace Kelly’s letters, movie posters, clothes, wedding dress (a replica), accessories, and more were on display, and as soon as my mom and I got home, we started our online search for reputable books we could read about Grace Kelly’s life. The order was placed, and now we wait… We must know more about the “woman who had many lovers and was quite the hot tamale.” (Direct quote from an elderly lady behind us at the exhibit.)

This print was on one of walls outside the Lightbox. No pictures were allowed inside the exhibit. Boooo!

I look like this every day. Don’t you?

It wouldn’t have been a proper weekend with my parents if we didn’t darken the door of at least one thrift store. My mom and I each scored this Pyrex juice jug for $0.99 at the Burlington Goodwill.

Hello! We came home from the Freelton Antique Mall with a nice lady named Carla. We admit we were pricey at $12, but we will be forever grateful for Carla’s kind heart and sparkling smile.

What up, Sudbury? Why were you lurking in Freelton? What brought you there? And why did you have to be $7 and make me feel guilty about spending that on you? You are just too darn winsome.

A vintage 1968 edition of the Joy of Cooking, purchased for $1 at The Reuse Centre.

Another score at The Reuse Centre – a $0.25 mug for Darcy with his last name on it. 

Last night, Erin, Mike, Darcy, and took off for the outer ridges of Niagara wine country, and we stayed in Jordan. This is us at the Jordan House Tavern, and in the background you can see the pool table where I sharked it during my first game in about four years. I refute all accusations of beginner’s luck. Today, we collected a nice little bounty of wine and came home with plans to quit our jobs and open a winery. With my beginner’s luck, we can’t lose…

Grab-bag blog!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post! I had an editing project due in the middle of the month, and then I spent a week planning, shopping, and decorating for my Halloween party. I also admit that I took that week to catch up on my TV shows and relax. Unfortunately, however, when I am either too busy or being too lazy, the blog is the first thing to fall by the wayside. It’s a sorry-but-true fact. So, to make up for my ignorance, I am going to give you a picture-heavy grab-bag blog post that plays a little game of Fall 2011 catch-up.

Here is my Halloween costume – 1980s exercise queen! Every piece is from my closet – no purchases necessary. Shoes, Giant Tiger; leg warmers, gift; tights, Secret; bathing suit, Old Navy; tank top and belt, H&M; bracelets, gifts and Liquidation World; button, free from Edmonton Transit System; earrings, gift; scarf, vintage.

I had the most unexpected party guests show up at my door: Wanda (of Where’s Waldo? fame), Slash, a gangsta (yo), and a classy couple from the 1930s (did they find a hot-tub time machine?).

Me, today in my backyard, wearing my new boots that I thrifted this weekend while antiquing around St. Jacobs and Cambridge with my parents. The close-up is below, but if you’re interested, I’m also wearing Costa Blanca jeans, a red Smart Set sweater, a black H&M tank top, an H&M leopard-print jacket, a vintage scarf, and Foxy Originals earrings (gift from Caroline).

This is how I have taken to wearing my hair now. It’s either this or a side-braid. It’s too long and wild to do anything with, but I have decided to push any hair appointments to the end of December, which is when I last got my hair cut two years ago. Twenty-four months; it’s time to donate.

My new boots! I found these for $10 in an antique mall in St. Jacobs. They were labelled as never-worn and were in the original box:

Who is the woman who owned these boots? Why didn’t she wear them? There was another pair for sale (also for $10), but they were all brown, with a small heel, and I didn’t think I needed them. I’m kind of regretting that decision now. Uh-oh – non-buyer’s remorse!  The worst!

My first Pyrex purchase of the weekend – a Town and Country 403! It was $5.95 at an antique mall in St. Jacobs.

I couldn’t go home without something for Darcy, so I picked up this little brass penguin ornament for $3.50. He loves penguins, and he loves, well, things like this.

I have one metre stick up on a wall here at home, but left room for two more to be placed above it. I found one of those two elusive sticks at a Cambridge antique mall. Well, actually, my dad found it, and at $1.50 it was a steal since I didn’t see one other metre stick for less than $4 all weekend.

I didn’t buy all of these this weekend – just the red one, which was $4.95 and completed my primary-bowls Pyrex set. Yay!

I also found this other 403 bowl for my collection – it’s Snowflake Blue, and cost me $9. I have 11 bowls now!

I have one other wooden hanger that I found last year at the Aberfoyle antique market, and I want to put a few of them on a wall in the bathroom, but I need to find more before I do that. Wooden hangers like this are actually a bit difficult to find – especially when I won’t pay more than $5. I found this one at the Freelton antique mall, and it was $4.50.

Darcy came around with us on Antiquing Day 2, and spotted a box of comics that he thought we could frame. I thought it was a great idea, and once I find the right frame, we already know where these will be hanging. Love them for $3 each!

I have wanted a vintage cocktail shaker for a long time, so I finally decided to take the plunge and buy one this weekend. I picked this lovely guy up for $14.95. I can’t wait to use it!

Darcy spotted this board game underneath a pile of who-knows-what, and it came home with us, of course! Hockey? Management? Trades? Vintage? Sold, for $15!

I bought a set of the glasses on the left last year, but since then have broken two (of six). Luckily, my mom found matching ones priced individually for $3 each. Darcy and I also have a set of the Bluenose glasses, and I found another one to add to the collection for $0.50.

Next up this month is the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, and then it’s a quick slide into December when I already have something going on every weekend! How does the calendar fill up so fast? Stay tuned!

Thanksgiving weekend

Hi Readers! How was your Thanksgiving? I had a great weekend! I left Burlington on Saturday morning, and just got back last night. I travelled, I purchased, I ate too much, I slept late, I laughed, I watched TV, I thrifted, I drank wine, I visited. Can I do this all the time, please? Here is a recap in pictures:

Forgot to remove the time stamp. Too lazy to redo the picture. In other news, here are the two Darcys and me, hangin’ loose in mom’s kitchen.

Darcy and I went on a little tour of Manitoulin Island, and this is the bridge to Little Current from the mainland. It swings open every hour in the summer, to let big boats through, but in the off-season it only opens based on need, so we didn’t get to see it in its glory on this trip.

A boat docked at Boyle Marine, in Little Current.

Darcy and I love photo ops based around wooden novelty signs, and I think this one turned out particularly good! Hallo, good mate!

Fall is happening in Sheguiandah! (Darcy also thrifted a retro green desk chair, two books, and a board game here! All for $20, thanks to my bartering skillzzz.)

Darcy is getting in touch with his spiritual side.

My first pair of moccasins, purchased on Manitoulin Island (but made in Quebec) for a very reasonable $29.95.

I have been collecting vintage cookbooks for the past year or so, and I found this fun little guy for $0.49 at Sudbury’s Salvation Army.

I found this lovely cake stand for $2 at Val Caron’s St. Vincent de Paul.

These bowls were also discovered at St. Vincent de Paul. I bought the set for $5, and figure they will be great for serving food at my Halloween party at the end of the month. They’re amber-coloured, and have a vine pattern on them, so beside black and other decor items, they will be nice and Halloweeny.

Two belts! The navy one was $1 at the Sudbury Jarrett Value Centre, and the red one was…FREE! It was supposed to be $1 at St. Vincent de Paul, but the cashier gave it to me for no charge. I still don’t know why, but who I am to question the higher powers of thrifting?

My only regret from the weekend was over a pair of pristine black Calvin Klein slacks at the Sudbury Value Village. They just didn’t quite fit. But oh! They were so nice, and for $12.99, I thought they were a steal. If the gluttonous life would have given me a few more days in Espanola, I might have eaten enough to fit into the pants…

Family Day Weekend, Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of my Family Day Weekend. It’s 11:30 pm, and I can see the toothless yokels outside my window, growing restless with their torches and pitchforks…

This is a bad-quality picture of a good-quality bowl. I couldn’t seem to snap a decent shot of this lovely primary-yellow Pyrex bowl that I snagged at the Freelton Antique Mall for $5 (!!!), so you can either imagine its beauty, or you can take a look at an original ad for it here.

Another find at Freelton. I look at salt and pepper shakers every time I go thrifting, and nothing has ever caught my eye like these did. They were $8 for the pair, which is more than I wanted to pay, but I loved them on sight, and you can’t barter for a lower price at Freelton because the vendors aren’t at their booths, so I threw caution into the wind and spent the $8.

I also obsessively scour the glassware shelves at antique malls, looking for the perfectly priced set of drinking glasses. On Sunday, I found that set at Freelton, and it was $7 for seven glasses! I couldn’t believe it, and snatched all seven into my tender, loving arms as fast as I could.

My dad and I have played cribbage for years, but I never actually owned my own board – until now! This vintage board was waiting for me at Freelton, and it was reasonably priced at $7.

Onward to the St. Jacobs Antiques Market, where I found this vintage Pyrex coffee carafe priced at $5.10. I have something similar that I keep milk in, but it doesn’t fit a whole bag, and I think this new carafe will, so this just might be my new milk jug! Isn’t that exciting news?

Darcy loves anything that looks like this (sad creatures doing odd things, or that have a general hangdog demeanour), so I knew I had to pick this up for him (it was only $4.76 at our last stop, Market Road Antiques).

Does Emily Post approve of smoking? If she does, she would have been looking at me with distaste a couple weeks ago when a friend was over and asked for an ashtray, and I had to tell her to leave her cigarette butts in the snow on the balcony. Classy! However, from now on, it’s sophistication all the way with this ashtray I bought for $1.50 at Market Road.

My mom came running to me with this licence plate, which is not only PEI-related, but is also from the town in which she and my dad went to high school. Go, Montague Regional! I couldn’t turn away this item that was loaded with sentimental value, and for $4.23 at Market Road, it now hangs in my den, on the picture wall.

These two bowls, I got for free! The Early American pattern on the left arrived with my mom (she bought it for me at the Cookstown Antique Market for $11.86), and the Spring Blossom bowl on the right was acquired by my mom (for me) in a Pyrex trade with a nice woman named Taylor, who lives in Georgia. These bowls are now enjoying their stately home on top of my kitchen cupboards.

My mom and I both wanted this, and we spent much time examining it, and deluding ourselves with grand illusions of entertaining guests at our homes, who would then be served their food from this Golden Poinsettias casserole dish. The unreality of this scenario made us laugh like loons.

I’ve converted and sworn off technology. Bonnets and lanterns only.

And there it is – my Family Day Weekend, Parts 1 and 2. Upcoming on the blog is my Oscars dress review, and my and Ami’s next recipe, Baked Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast. Yum!