Back in action with boots

Boots, Spring; jeans, Forever 21; shirt, Old Navy; jacket, Urban Outfitters; purse, vintage Minolta camera bag from The Reuse Centre; shiny metal scarf, Le Chateau; orange and brown scarf, vintage; earrings, gift from Erin; ring, vintage.

So, do you like my boots? I have been whining about wanting a pair of over-the-knees boots for months, so my friends can all be thankful that I finally bought a pair, and that they don’t have to listen to me yearn for something they all probably thought I was never going to buy anyway. (Upward of $150 for boots that, in all honesty, won’t even keep my feet warm? I don’t think so!) Enter The Gift Card, the cheapskate’s almighty saviour. When I receive a gift card, I don’t think, “I can buy one really expensive piece now.”  No, instead I start scheming as to how I can get the maximum value for whatever I have been given to work with. This time, with my $100 gift card to Spring (thanks, mom!), I waited out the post-Christmas January markdowns, and got not one but two pairs of over-the-knee boots for $142.36 (each pair was 30% off the sale price, and the other pair is black suede with a two-inch heel). One-hundred free dollars also meant I spent only $42.36 of my own hard-earned cash, so I walked away a happy customer. This little spree brings my 2011 Tally it Up total to, well, $42.36.

I have been feeling uninspired lately, which has caused me to slack in posting about things I meant to write about, and one of those subjects was my 2010 Tally it Up total. At last count, I was at $679.11, and over the Christmas holidays I bought two long-sleeve T-shirts at Giant Tiger, and one at Old Navy (you can see it above), as well as a blouse. The upscale shopping at GT brought my bank account down $15.82, and the cash registers at Old Navy dinged me for $14.22, which brings my 2010 total to…$709.15! I managed to cross the $700 threshold, after all. I’m wondering if in 2011 I will spend even less because of my depleted necessity for office-wear…? We shall see, as I invite you along for the rocky and tumultuous ride of Tally it Up 2011! *Sirens, sirens, sirens*