Helllloooooo out there….?

I’m sure the few people who read my blog have long since given up on me – I haven’t, after all, posted a thing on here since July – but, to be honest, I just haven’t felt the drive to write anything. The largest reason for this is the fact that I am still working on getting my pharmacy technician licence, but this chapter in my life is about to come to a close, because I literally have one more thing to do in my apprenticeship before I can finally go ahead and apply for my official provincial licence. It’s been almost two years since I hit the reset button on my work life, and I am ready to feel like I have a full personal life again, rather than half of one.

During my absence from the blogosphere, there have been many times I have thought about posting a few pictures to show what I was up to…but then I didn’t…but now I am…so…semi-chronological grab-bag blog (sans picture editing), for all!

(And, you will also notice I changed the look of my blog! I am still trying to figure out some of the technical things, so if you notice anything weird, please forgive me! :)


July 2013: Post-North Bay Noreen Yeates Triathlon, with two of my co-workers (I was the last leg, the 8.4-km run).


August 2013: Ribfest North Bay, small but mighty.


July 2013: The friends are coming! The friends are coming!


July 2013: The friends are here! The friends are here!


July 2013: The Beaches Jazz Tune Up 20-km Run, I’m in there and so is Erin!


August 2013: The one and only trip to the beach this summer.


August 2013: Summer in the Park = Beaver Tails for me.


August 2013: I’m 31!


August 2013: Off to a wedding in Oakville.


October 2013: Thanksgiving weekend fun at the fair.


October 2013: Looking bright-eyed and evil at the Canadian Cancer Society’s OktoberFEAST event in Toronto.


October 2013: Happy Halloween!


October 2013: Some of my Halloween decor.


December 2013: Annual participation in the Salvation Army’s Santa Shuffle 5K in Sudbury.


December 2013: Time to get festive!


December 2013: My pride and joy of Christmas decor.


December 2013: Feeling the Christmas “spirits”!


February 2014: The Hypothermic Half Marathon in Sudbury, which I will NEVER do again.

3 thoughts on “Helllloooooo out there….?

  1. Glad to see you back at the blog. Love the pics. Was the weather too cold for the Marathon in Sudbury during February?

  2. Sherri, the temperature for the Hypothermic Run was about -12 to -15, but it was windy and my face was absolutely frozen. The whole experience also resulted in minor frostbite on my earlobes and just a general feeling of “get me out of here!!!” Getting up the motivation to train during this winter was difficult too. So, like I said, never again!

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