Voyager, Part 2

Continuing on from the post “Voyager, Part 1,” here are the rest of the pictures that will officially make up my vacation recap. Our trip was only a month and half ago, but it seems like much more. I guess that means I can start planning our next one…? Ha!

July 13, 201324

The second half of our vacation was spent entirely in London, and this is the first picture we took in the city, after coming up from the tube on our debut day of exploring. We were on our way to the Bank of England Museum, and in the background is the Royal Exchange.

July 13, 201325

St. Paul’s Cathedral in the summer sun.

July 13, 201326

I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page, and I mentioned that while I look normal, I was actually holding my breath because of the overwhelming smell of urine coming from this phone booth. Ugh!

July 13, 201327

Gazing up at Big Ben.

July 13, 201328

Taking a break on the lawn at Westminster Abbey. (We didn’t pay the admission to go inside, but thinking about it now, I kind of wish we would have. There’s always next time, right?)

July 13, 201329

About as close as you’re going to get to Buckingham Palace…

July 13, 201335

Darcy is not one for photos and posing, so I was lucky to get his (begrudging) consent!

July 13, 201330

On my list of “must-see” attractions was the Tower of London, and this is just one of many nooks and crannies that had me imagining all sorts of clandestine, treasonous meetings!

July 13, 201331

The original Tower of London was built in 1066, and many pieces still remain, such as the crumbling wall above.

July 13, 201332

If Scotland was all about Diana Gabaldon, then London was all about Philippa Gregory, and standing here where Anne Boleyn was beheaded was – again – like seeing my books come to life!

July 13, 201333

Another sunny day in London; we had great temperatures and weather!

July 13, 201334

“Tourist happily caught making off with precious royal paperwork!”

July 13, 201336

Last breakfast on the last day. Sigh.

July 13, 201337

Back at Buckingham Palace, but by myself this time. Darcy and I split up for the afternoon before meeting for dinner, and I was in search of a gift shop to get something “royal” for my mom. The palace, according to the handful of people I asked, does not have an official gift shop. I even chased down someone with a palace-logo plastic bag to ask where they got it. Turns out it was from a special exhibit. Mom, I tried!

July 13, 201339

Last dinner on the last day. Tear.

July 13, 201338

The show we went to see before packing it in the next day for our flight home. We were way up in the balcony seats but who cares where you’re sitting when wine is allowed at your seat?

July 13, 201340

Sitting on my suitcase and looking tired on the train to Gatwick Airport. So long, London!

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