April 7, 20133

 Boots, Spring; dress and chambray shirt, Old Navy; scarf, vintage; belt, H&M.

April 7, 20131

Can’t resist an opportunity to twirl…

April 7, 20134


April 7, 20132

An essential for any outfit – the requisite hair-tie-on-the-wrist.

I wore this outfit to work on Sunday, and just because I am killing time before I have to prepare bread dough for a work potluck on Thursday (yes, I have to start tonight – at 12:30 am – because while the actual baking of the bread is easy, the timing can sometimes be tricky), you are going to get a double-dose of stripes. Here is what I wore to work today:

April 9, 20133

Shoes, Madeline via The Bay; cropped pants, The Gap; belt and shirt, Smart Set; necklaces, vintage.

April 9, 20132

Blue on blue.

April 9, 20131

I first wrote about the infamous bread when I was cooking with Ami, and while my techniques have vastly improved since then, the general story remains the same – it’s the best bread ever. I always make it when friends are staying over, when I am a guest, when there is a special occasion, and on and on…

When I was home over the Easter weekend, my mom made French toast with the whole-wheat loaf. I had it two days in a row, and this is because I am a French-toast-tasting connoisseur (d0n’t laugh – I AM) and it was AMAZING French toast. How many times can I possibly say something is delicious? If you did not attempt this bread recipe (either the white or whole-wheat loaf) since the last time I talked about it, wait are you waiting for? Everybody’s doing it, and the proof is here. OK, one more time for the cheap seats in the back: delicious.

2 thoughts on “Time-killing

  1. I was gifted a bread machine since our first bread baking experience and I STILL make this bread. The bread machine isn’t as good!!

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