It’s raining cats and…dots

April 23, 20133

Shoes, Fergalicious via Winners; cropped jeans and blouse, The Gap; belt, gift, Forever 21; earrings, vintage.

April 23, 20131

I didn’t notice until today that these shoes are officially branded “Fergalicious” by none other than Fergie herself. Does this mean that beat I’m bangin’ is delicious?

April 23, 20135

I have always had an odd blonde-ish streak in my hair, and it’s only visible when I wear my hair in a bun.

April 23, 20132

Cats and dots.

Darcy has been in another time zone for the past few days, so finishing the day with a phone call at midnight for him is actually 2 am for me…hence the late-night post and the creative caption on the photo above – “Cats and dots.” As far as the cats go, I am really not an animal person, but I love clothing and jewellery with animal stylings, so, really, at this late hour, let’s call a spade a spade and settle on the revised caption of “Cats and dots: a conundrum not worth pondering.” Goodnight!

3 thoughts on “It’s raining cats and…dots

  1. You’re NOT an animal person?!? *shock* LOL I do love the shirt – I’ve been waiting for it to make an appearance…

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