Nature walk

Boots, thrifted; jeans, Levis via Winners; striped top, Smart Set; sweater, Old Navy; necklace, vintage.

Before I left Espanola for North Bay, I took a little stroll among the trees. It was completely natural for me to be there wearing this outfit and carrying a tripod with a fuchsia camera attached to it. What is nature without plastic and a vintage necklace? I would also like to know what business the birds have flying around in the bushes, scaring me into thinking some sort of small wildlife creature is about to burst out of the leaves and run up my leg in a panic that would equal my own…

2 thoughts on “Nature walk

  1. I always seem to be so behind when it comes to reading your blog posts — but fear not! Better late to the party than not at all, right?

    Regardless, I have to say you look like a natural birder in these photos. And don’t worry — I’m sure the black-capped chickadees were just as scared of you as you were of them. Well, maybe.

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