Today is Day 2 of the new Picasa perks, and my selection is “Cross Process.” I think it creates photos that look suspiciously similar to Instagram’s. What say you? Unrelated: have you heard of the blog Silhouetted Skyline? I just found out about it yesterday after my eyeglasses place, the Eye Studio, posted about it in my Facebook feed. From what I can tell, the man behind SS (Steven Lee) is or was a student at OCAD, and he spends part of his spare time taking pictures of fashionable people around Yorkville. I know I can go into the city, walk around, and see these people for myself, but a person can only stare for so long before it gets weird. Pictures aid studying, and study I did, to the tune of the entire SS archive. I did hope that by the time I got to 2012, Lee would have eventually branched out to some other areas of Toronto, where there are fashion-forward people wearing more affordable (and therefore accessible) clothes, etc., but that didn’t really happen. Oh well – I always have a soft spot for other Ontario bloggers. Where else do they lurk?

(Coat, Urban Outfitters; heart pin, The Gap; dress, Old Navy; boots, Spring; belt, vintage; earrings, Ardene; necklace, no label.)

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