The Ornamentals

Last Christmas, my friend Joanne, of A Warm Cup of Joe, did a blog post about her special Christmas ornaments. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to write my own version, but I didn’t get around to it. This year, I made a pledge to myself (and to Joanne!) to DO THIS POST, and since I was always good little Girl Guide, I try to keep my blog-post pledges. I want a badge!

This is my newest ornament on the tree. Kristy gave it to me at the ornament exchange a week ago. She got it at the One of  a Kind Show, and there’s a personalized message on the back, along with a secret scroll that falls out of the bottom when the ornament’s string goes slack. It’s so special, and I love it!

This one was purchased at the gift shop at the top of the Banff Gondola ride, and it’s been my favourite for the past few years. I bought this with Kristy when she was in Alberta on a work trip.

Darcy and I bought this inukshuk in Jasper when my parents came to visit us in Edmonton. That seems like it was so long ago!

Let’s go back in time…to circa 1988 when I made ornaments in school and thought I had a talent in visual arts.

I also made this beauty, with each piece carefully and logically glued onto a shell. What genius! What promise!

Darcy and I also bought this one on a trip with my parents, but this time it was to the opposite end of the country – PEI! This was Darcy’s pick in the gift shop at the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.

This ornament is very special to me because it used to belong to my Grammie and Grampie, and the names on it refer to me and my brother, not me and Darcy the boyfriend. I remember taking this ornament home from PEI the first time I went back after my Grampie died. It was a sad moment in the basement when my mom and I were going through my grandparents’ old ornaments.

I also brought this one home with me on that same trip. My Grammie made it, and from Christmas to Christmas, it has alternated between being hung on the tree and hung from some sort of hook around the house.

Another PEI ornament! This one is handmade as well, and it’s an actual starfish. Santa be a starfish, son!

This ornament came from PEI as well, and it used to be part of a pair…until I broke the other one. My clumsiness is a fact of life around our home.

This one may have belonged to my maternal great-grandmother. I know my mom has an identical ornament on her tree. Mom?

This vintage ornament belonged to Darcy’s Baba. It looks perfect among the vintage vibe of our tree!

I bought this little guy for Darcy last year. He loves penguins!

This is one of the first ornaments Darcy and I bought together, during our first Christmas in Edmonton. We bought it at Hallmark, which means we spent too much, but how can you say no to Hermey…?

…And if you can’t say no to Hermey, how can you say no to Yukon Cornelius?!

Erin gave me this ornament for our annual exchange a few years ago, and it arrived in the mail with a cupcake ornament that’s also hanging on the tree. It references my then-obsession with Flirt Cupcakes in Edmonton. (Truthfully, the obsession still exists. I. Just. Can’t. Get. Them. Here.) I digress. Isn’t this dove pretty?!

I bought this one last year in Hamilton, at Citizen Kid. Erin and I went shopping after the Santa Shuffle, and now, in addition to me, my mom and Jen also have this decoration hanging on their trees. (Jen was Erin’s pick for the ornament exchange last year, and as for my mom, well, I’m just a good daughter like that!) Erin, did you buy one, too?

My mom gave me this vintage postcard last year. That’s a redheaded girl, of course! The clothespin technique is one I thought of this year, and I admit I was pretty satisfied with myself when I came up with the idea. Patent pending.

Last but not least, and in honour of the person who inspired this post, I give you the sparkly shoe! Joanne sent a set of ornaments to me for my birthday this year, and this was included, along with three other glittery, girly accessories. Thanks, Joanne – for both this idea and for the thoughtful present!


4 thoughts on “The Ornamentals

  1. It’s not a good thing to start the day off with tears in my eyes – which I had after I read your post!!!

    That shell ornament is really a work of art!!!

    I remember buying those personal ornaments in the good old days of craft shows in Sudbury.

    I was wondering the other day where those gold ornaments were – I have none!!!! And – now one is broken??

    Grammie and Great Mom both had the reindeer ornaments – now we both have them..

    I love the ornament from Baba – so pretty… Everything looks so nice…

    Loved reading this!!

  2. I’m glad you liked the glittery ornaments and the idea for this post! Well done!!

    Seriously, I LOVED hearing the stories behind your ornaments — plus this also reinforced to me the idea that Christmas trees with a mishmash of random ornaments really are the best!

    Sure, those trees that are perfectly decorated with matching accessories are certainly beautiful, but trees such as ours — that hold a lifetime of memories in their decorations — are perfection.

    Merry Christmas!!

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