Lipstick jungle

Shoes, Aldo; tights, gift; dress, KensieGirl; blazer, Urban Outfitters; necklace, Stella & Dot, gift from Candice, earrings, Le Chateau; brooch, gift.

The past few days I have been wearing the same lipstick and I think it’s quite obvious that it’s becoming my new favourite shade! It’s L’Oreal Infallible Bold  Bordeaux (#741), and while it’s not a super-long-lasting shade in terms of ultra all-day wear, the residual stain of the berry colour stays on my lips for hours of talking, laughing, and drinking tea and water at work. I am constantly looking for a shade that rivals a universally outfit-flattering Clinique colour that Susie and I coveted during our early 20s (I think it was called Surprise; it was discontinued). For me, Bold Bordeaux comes close. It’s not nude, but it’s not a striking red, either, which makes it the perfect everyday shade for a pale girl like me!

What are your favourite lipsticks and shades?

Christmas is coming for you…

Shoes, Aldo; tights, gift; skirt, Rena Rowan Separates, thrifted; blouse, H&M; earrings, Claire’s; necklace, vintage.

I did nothing to this picture. The flash really did cause my skin to show up THAT WHITE.

It’s hard to believe this Thursday is December 1. This weekend I have my first holiday celebration of the Christmas season, as well as the annual Santa Shuffle 5K on Saturday. I remember it being cold last year, but it’s been so mild here that I can’t imagine wearing a toque and heavy clothes within a matter of days. Beyond social engagements, I am also starting to think more seriously about the upcoming pressures of Christmas – gift-buying (but first thinking of WHAT to buy), baking, mailing out Christmas cards, decorating, wrapping, cleaning, working, travelling, visiting, and whatever else might pop up along the way. Personally, I am most excited about the social engagements – friends, family, eating, drinking, dancing, talking, (board)gaming – yahoo!

To that list I therefore ask: Can I please be a lady who Christmases? I’ll gladly take over Mrs. Claus’s role, except…is she allowed to drink wine? What do you think? Is Mrs. Claus a prim teetotaler or an indulgent wino? Merry Christmas, Hermeyyyyyyyyyyy!


Boots, Spring; jeans, Levis; jacket, H&M; scarves, Ardene, gift from Mom

Shirt, Old Navy; necklace, Charlotte Russe; ring, vintage.

I went shopping yesterday, and while my intent was to Christmas shop, I found it impossible (as usual) to stick to this plan. Yes, I did find some great items (as well as my Christmas cards; thank you, Home Sense!), but I also spent some time digging through the clearance racks at Winners to find the jeans I have on in the pictures above. They’re Levis petite boot-cut jeans, and I had some misgivings because the pants are too short and I’m not usually a fan of this cut. But, tucked into knee-high boots or rolled up, they seem OK…and they were $13 on clearance. So while not an all-purpose pair of jeans, they are great dual-purpose jeans that spoke to my thrifty heart. I wore them today to meet up with Bryony – we went to see My Week With Marilyn. The movie was enjoyable, but wow – if that is how Marilyn Monroe behaved, I feel sorry for her co-workers. I just wanted to shake her! Smarten up, woman! Bryony and I did get a kick out of Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier, though. Who can keep their stiff upper lip in the face of British humour? Not I, said the red-headed girl. I also discovered a very cute Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark, and this experience was made all the more enjoyable thanks to the ever-so-satisfying Sinful Cinnamon Wetzel Preztel. If these are available at the theatre, I will get one, no matter how much I have eaten beforehand (and yes, Bryony and I did eat beforehand). I MUST HAVE IT.

It’s Monday already…?

Sparkle and shimmer

Boots, vintage and thrifted; leggings, Dynamite; shirt-dress, Winners; jacket and socks, H&M.

Bracelets, Claire’s and vintage; brooches, vintage; earrings, Le Chateau.

I wore this outfit to work on Friday, and while I was down on the floor demonstrating how to strap a child into a car seat, the little girl turned to her mother and said, “Mommy, those are BEAUTIFUL.” She was referring to my brooches, so I now know I have reached the height of the sparkliest sparkle if small children are being drawn to my accessories. In fact, my clothes were so glittery (sequined top and all) that my camera couldn’t seem to capture any of the shiny details. You can’t really see them, but I’m also wearing purple socks that are visible at the tops of my boots, which is why I’m wearing the purple-toned brooches and showing off the purple lining of my jacket. How many more times can I say “purple” in a sentence? A lot. I could say it over and over again and produce scathing, withering looks within a few seconds. My name is Carla and I love purple. And leopard. And fur. And, of course, sparkle!

Until next year…

Boots, Spring; tights, Fruit of the Loom; dress and blazer, Urban Outfitters; belt, thrifted; earrings and necklace, vintage.

Since I last checked in on here, the Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine was upcoming…and now it has passed. Let’s review: Melanie comes down from Espanola for weekend; arrive at show at 4:30 pm; experience random run-in with fellow Espanolian; immediately consume sushi in attempt to fill stomachs to ward off inebriation (HAHAHA); dive head-first into wine, wine, wine; find best cheddar cheese ever. Hours pass; Kristy and Jen arrive; more hours pass; Melanie and I get giddy and take it too far…into the spirits booths.

Vodka, whiskey, and beer samples; what has ever tasted as good as thisssssssssssssssss??? Realize time is running out and have many sample tickets left; purchase food and spill miniature potato balls on floor; purchase two bricks of best cheddar cheese ever; show ends. Melanie and I walk too far past train station; run like crazy to catch train back to Burlington; slam like two idiots into door that pulls not pushes; make train with literally seconds to spare; chat up two other ladies who were also at wine show; arrive home. Realize best cheddar cheese ever is lost (as well as my wine “literature”); blame heinous crime on Go train ladies (they only talked to us for our CHEESE!); have snack and make do with good bread but crappy cheese we find in fridge; fall into bed.

Since Melanie left on Sunday morning, we have been texting back and forth and laughing like fools over our weekend together. The wine show is just. that. good. And to that I say good-day.

Just a normal day

Shoes, Aldo; jeans, Urban Outfitters; belt, thrifted; blouse, H&M; bracelet and earrings, vintage.

I’m drawing a complete blank and have no idea what to write about today. I haven’t been up to much since my parents left on Sunday, and this week hasn’t yielded much in the way of exciting news. The best thing that happened to me today was meeting a sales rep at the store and getting a free Starbucks gift card from him after he trained the staff on a brand of rocking chair we sell. I also came home to a freshly roasted chicken that Darcy cooked today, so that was a bright spot as well. The crispy skin was so good! The rest of the day was filled with the usual banalities of daily life, including…taking out the recycling and compost bins. Yes, I said it: recycling and compost bins. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW.

Grab-bag blog!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post! I had an editing project due in the middle of the month, and then I spent a week planning, shopping, and decorating for my Halloween party. I also admit that I took that week to catch up on my TV shows and relax. Unfortunately, however, when I am either too busy or being too lazy, the blog is the first thing to fall by the wayside. It’s a sorry-but-true fact. So, to make up for my ignorance, I am going to give you a picture-heavy grab-bag blog post that plays a little game of Fall 2011 catch-up.

Here is my Halloween costume – 1980s exercise queen! Every piece is from my closet – no purchases necessary. Shoes, Giant Tiger; leg warmers, gift; tights, Secret; bathing suit, Old Navy; tank top and belt, H&M; bracelets, gifts and Liquidation World; button, free from Edmonton Transit System; earrings, gift; scarf, vintage.

I had the most unexpected party guests show up at my door: Wanda (of Where’s Waldo? fame), Slash, a gangsta (yo), and a classy couple from the 1930s (did they find a hot-tub time machine?).

Me, today in my backyard, wearing my new boots that I thrifted this weekend while antiquing around St. Jacobs and Cambridge with my parents. The close-up is below, but if you’re interested, I’m also wearing Costa Blanca jeans, a red Smart Set sweater, a black H&M tank top, an H&M leopard-print jacket, a vintage scarf, and Foxy Originals earrings (gift from Caroline).

This is how I have taken to wearing my hair now. It’s either this or a side-braid. It’s too long and wild to do anything with, but I have decided to push any hair appointments to the end of December, which is when I last got my hair cut two years ago. Twenty-four months; it’s time to donate.

My new boots! I found these for $10 in an antique mall in St. Jacobs. They were labelled as never-worn and were in the original box:

Who is the woman who owned these boots? Why didn’t she wear them? There was another pair for sale (also for $10), but they were all brown, with a small heel, and I didn’t think I needed them. I’m kind of regretting that decision now. Uh-oh – non-buyer’s remorse!  The worst!

My first Pyrex purchase of the weekend – a Town and Country 403! It was $5.95 at an antique mall in St. Jacobs.

I couldn’t go home without something for Darcy, so I picked up this little brass penguin ornament for $3.50. He loves penguins, and he loves, well, things like this.

I have one metre stick up on a wall here at home, but left room for two more to be placed above it. I found one of those two elusive sticks at a Cambridge antique mall. Well, actually, my dad found it, and at $1.50 it was a steal since I didn’t see one other metre stick for less than $4 all weekend.

I didn’t buy all of these this weekend – just the red one, which was $4.95 and completed my primary-bowls Pyrex set. Yay!

I also found this other 403 bowl for my collection – it’s Snowflake Blue, and cost me $9. I have 11 bowls now!

I have one other wooden hanger that I found last year at the Aberfoyle antique market, and I want to put a few of them on a wall in the bathroom, but I need to find more before I do that. Wooden hangers like this are actually a bit difficult to find – especially when I won’t pay more than $5. I found this one at the Freelton antique mall, and it was $4.50.

Darcy came around with us on Antiquing Day 2, and spotted a box of comics that he thought we could frame. I thought it was a great idea, and once I find the right frame, we already know where these will be hanging. Love them for $3 each!

I have wanted a vintage cocktail shaker for a long time, so I finally decided to take the plunge and buy one this weekend. I picked this lovely guy up for $14.95. I can’t wait to use it!

Darcy spotted this board game underneath a pile of who-knows-what, and it came home with us, of course! Hockey? Management? Trades? Vintage? Sold, for $15!

I bought a set of the glasses on the left last year, but since then have broken two (of six). Luckily, my mom found matching ones priced individually for $3 each. Darcy and I also have a set of the Bluenose glasses, and I found another one to add to the collection for $0.50.

Next up this month is the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, and then it’s a quick slide into December when I already have something going on every weekend! How does the calendar fill up so fast? Stay tuned!