Thanksgiving weekend

Hi Readers! How was your Thanksgiving? I had a great weekend! I left Burlington on Saturday morning, and just got back last night. I travelled, I purchased, I ate too much, I slept late, I laughed, I watched TV, I thrifted, I drank wine, I visited. Can I do this all the time, please? Here is a recap in pictures:

Forgot to remove the time stamp. Too lazy to redo the picture. In other news, here are the two Darcys and me, hangin’ loose in mom’s kitchen.

Darcy and I went on a little tour of Manitoulin Island, and this is the bridge to Little Current from the mainland. It swings open every hour in the summer, to let big boats through, but in the off-season it only opens based on need, so we didn’t get to see it in its glory on this trip.

A boat docked at Boyle Marine, in Little Current.

Darcy and I love photo ops based around wooden novelty signs, and I think this one turned out particularly good! Hallo, good mate!

Fall is happening in Sheguiandah! (Darcy also thrifted a retro green desk chair, two books, and a board game here! All for $20, thanks to my bartering skillzzz.)

Darcy is getting in touch with his spiritual side.

My first pair of moccasins, purchased on Manitoulin Island (but made in Quebec) for a very reasonable $29.95.

I have been collecting vintage cookbooks for the past year or so, and I found this fun little guy for $0.49 at Sudbury’s Salvation Army.

I found this lovely cake stand for $2 at Val Caron’s St. Vincent de Paul.

These bowls were also discovered at St. Vincent de Paul. I bought the set for $5, and figure they will be great for serving food at my Halloween party at the end of the month. They’re amber-coloured, and have a vine pattern on them, so beside black and other decor items, they will be nice and Halloweeny.

Two belts! The navy one was $1 at the Sudbury Jarrett Value Centre, and the red one was…FREE! It was supposed to be $1 at St. Vincent de Paul, but the cashier gave it to me for no charge. I still don’t know why, but who I am to question the higher powers of thrifting?

My only regret from the weekend was over a pair of pristine black Calvin Klein slacks at the Sudbury Value Village. They just didn’t quite fit. But oh! They were so nice, and for $12.99, I thought they were a steal. If the gluttonous life would have given me a few more days in Espanola, I might have eaten enough to fit into the pants…


Shoes, Aldo; jeans, Lux via Urban Outfitters; blouse, thrifted.

Who else puts off packing until the last second? Ugh…Why do I always do this? I worked at the store until 8 tonight, came home and cooked a semi-complicated meal, caught up on some TV, took outfit pictures…and tried out the infamous America’s Next Top Model “booty tooch.” Except I did it retro-style, with my high-waisted jeans. What The Tyra says, the public must do:

I really think I could have been an All-Star this season, considering the fact that I’m close to 30 and can throwdown with the best of them hos trash-talkin’ all up in heee-yo! Tyra, teach me to smize!!!! Pick me! OMG, I love you Tyra.

Here is the real booty tooch, on the right. Ah-mah-zing. Take notes and practice daily:


Boots, Spring; leggings, Dynamite; tube-dress, Spoof; shirt, Lindon, thrifted; belt, H&M.

Necklaces and bracelet, vintage;  earrings, Le Chateau.

Care to know who checked out my blog yesterday, according to my spam filter? Amputee Speaker, Dave Cash, Mohammed Dunlow, Gas Saver, Tyson F. Gatreaux, Custom Organic Products, Newest Technology, Travel Asia Philippines, and Custom Long Sleeve Shirts. Fascinating! I’m particularly intrigued by this Tyson F. Gatreaux character. My guess is that he lives in a modern one-level home, is about 35, is unmarried, and says he likes to eat beluga caviar and drink champagne, but when he’s home alone, actually prefers to eat peanut butter from the jar and drink apple juice. He never says no to a social event, but sometimes loathes the nightlife, and really just wants to get home to watch Planet Earth. What do you think? Sound plausible? I think Amputee Speaker might have an interesting story, too…

The Inadvertent Bodysuit

Shoes, Aldo; tights, gift; dress, Smart Set; belt, Nygard, thrifted.

Earrings, Guess.

Have you ever really looked at yourself with only your tights on, before you put on your dress or skirt? Not pretty. This lacy pair was particularly unflattering – one size fits all, and hiked up almost to my underwire. This what I noticed (and studied) in the mirror this morning when I had much better things to be doing…like eating breakfast, which I did, instead, in the car on the way to work. But, it’s midnight now, and I have to take part in this whole routine again in less than eight hours, so I bid you adieu…

Airline hostess 2.0

Shoes, Aldo; tights, Fruit of the Loom; skirt, Rena Rowan Separates, thrifted; belt, no label, thrifted; shirt, Jacob.

Earrings, Sears or The Bay (can’t remember); ring and brooch, vintage.

This morning when I got to work, one of the girls told me I looked like I belonged in Pan Am, all up in there with my navy tights and skirt. I took this as a lovely compliment because Pan Am is definitely one of my new falls shows that’s going to make the cut for an entire season of committed viewing. I actually also just noticed that my brooch is kind of shaped like wings. Tally ho, good sir! Off to London town?

I bought this belt at Value Village last fall, and this is only the second time I’ve worn it, but I foresee a lot of wear for this skirt that I bought just a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong – I love the belt – but it’s not exactly, uh, neutral. The skirt, on the other hand, fits me perfectly, and navy is a great colour to work with in every season. As to the label, I had never heard of Rena Rowan before, and I thought the skirt looked pretty well made, so I just did a quick Google search – apparently Rena Rowan was the head designer of Jones New York since the label started up in 1970. What’s that? Sure, I’ll pay $2.99! ¬†Sally Ann, you’re the best friend a girl could ever have.