Thrifting Day treasures

Shoes, American Eagle via Payless; tights, Secret; dress, Kensie via Liquidation World; blazer and tank, Urban Outfitters.

Earrings, Bitten; brooch and watch, vintage; necklace, antique mall in Alberta.

OK, I know you probably skipped to the pictures below to see my Thrifting Day finds from last Saturday, so let me just acknowledge that yes, I have posted this outfit on the blog before (here and here and here), with slightly varying accessories, tights, and footwear. Today was the first real “fall” day in Burlington, and I thought of this outfit right away – it just says “October” to me! I was also only at the store for three hours this evening, so I knew I could survive in these heels. Stiletto = polished and sexy, but chunky heel = comfort and ability to walk.

Fur cape with Kaufman Fur, Kitchener, Canada tag, $14.99, Value Village, Burlington.

Alligator-clasp purse, $5.99, Salvation Army, Hamilton.

So, as I mentioned, last Saturday, Erin and I spent all day touring the thrifting stores in Hamilton and Burlington. I picked her up at 9, and we sped off, honking the horn and laughing wildly (yes, this really happened). We started in Hamilton, and our first stop was Talize, where I bought the brown suede Liz Claiborne belt I was wearing yesterday (it was $4.99). Erin cleaned up at Talize, and actually took the plunge into used footwear, purchasing a pair of genuine Italian leather sandals for $9.99. I almost bought a pair of low-heeled navy T-strap shoes at our next stop, the Salvation Army, but literally decided at the last minute to put them back on the shelf. I decided that the fabulous alligator-clasp bag was more worth my money. I am in love. And I also think if I would have turned my back, Erin would have stolen this bag from me. Back off, ho!

We moved on from the Salvation Army into the detritus of deserted thrift shops. Almost every other place we tried in Hamilton was closed up! Tres stupide. We took a drive down Ottawa Street to check out what was going on at the street festival, but voted “non” for going in anywhere, and headed out to Burlington instead.

We made it to five places in Burlington, but the Salvation Army turned up nil, the Bibles for Mission was closed (at 3! Don’t they know we would have spent millions?), and the Animal Shelter shop honestly put up its closed sign as we walked from the car to the door (they shut down operations at 4, which was apparently 3:50 for them that day). Goodwill was annoying because the clothes weren’t organized according to size (Erin spent the entire time here debating whether to buy a ripped fur stole; decision, no, based on difficulty of repairs needed), and Value Village was a jackpot for me because it’s where I found the beauty fur cape that’s pictured above. I’m in love (again). Aren’t you?

Midnight tales

Sandals, Aldo; skirt, H&M; belt, thrifted (on last Saturday’s thrifting day!); shirt-dress worn as tank, Urban Outfitters.

Necklace, Le Chateau; earrings, vintage.

It’s midnight! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Want to hear an exciting story? I just finished watching The Vampire Diaries, and now it’s on to Private Practice. I left the store at 8:15 this evening, made a quick stop at the grocery store for feta cheese, came home and worked for about an hour on a freelance project, took my outfit pictures, ate my supper of a spinach, strawberry, and feta salad (plus a huge square and a tea for dessert), and then started in on my shows. I should go to bed because it’s after midnight now, closer to 1 am, and I have a full day of editing work to do tomorrow, plus a short shift in the evening at the store, but I slept late this morning, so I’ve cursed myself. Again. Sleeping late is stupid. But so great. I will never sleep in again. Yes I will. And seriously, this storyline of Violet and the woman in the airport lounge is d-u-m. Thoughts, PPers out there?

Hardware tales

Shoes, Aldo; skirt and blouse, H&M; belt, thrifted.

Attempting to show the “twirl” of my skirt. Instead, it looks like I’m jumping straight up in the air.

Necklace and earrings, vintage.

I worked at the store today, and had some errands to run afterward. This outfit was appropriate for Home Depot and Rona, right? There are few times I feel self-conscious in heels, but today was one of them. Click-clack, power tools, click-clack, IHaveNoIdeaWhatThatIs, click-clack, get me out of here!! I want to complete my kitchen painting project, though, so I had to follow through on my errand-planning this evening. You can see the newly painted wall in the background of these pictures. Project: near completion (execute bee-boo-bop noises and stiff arm movements). I have some final touch-ups to do, and then I can finally situate my Pyrex collection. Darcy’s super-excited about that. PYREX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What time is it?

Shoes, Aldo; jeans, Paper, Denim & Cloth via Liquidation World; shirt, Giant Tiger; vest, H&M.

Watches, earrings, and brooch, vintage and thrifted.

These watches were a popular conversation piece among my co-workers and customers at work today (FOUR watches?!), but if someone would have asked me to put them to use beyond their basic role as accessories, well, that person would have either been severely late or waaaayyyy early. Not one of these watches works, and the second one from the right is missing its glass face – I just looked down one day, and it was gonzo. The three watches moving in from the left belonged to my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother, and the solid-black one’s face flips open to reveal the clock underneath (I bought it for $2 at a yard sale in Hamilton this summer).

And speaking of  thrifting, Erin and I are putting on our comfortable shoes and heading out tomorrow for a full-day thrifting extravaganza. I honestly have a Google map made up and printed out with all the places we want to hit in Hamilton, and I have been texting Erin for the past half an hour, ironing out the details of tomorrow morning’s pickup at her place. Think of us at 9 AM as we knock down the doors of Talize and tear through the clothing racks with an intensity that’s reserved especially for mammoth shopping days such as this. We have a mid-morning-lunchtime food break scheduled, and then it’s off to the races for the afternoon. We plan on ending the day with a delicious, satisfying meal that will undoubtedly include a glass of wine. During said meal, other restaurant patrons should be warned that there will either be squealing and giddiness over our amazing thrift finds, or there will be smashed dishes and wild punches over how little we found. Don’t look over here, b**ch!

Dear Liza, Dear Liza…

Shoes, George via Walmart; dress, H&M.

Necklace, earrings, and ring, vintage.

Since it was raining when I got home from work today, I had to find an indoor place to take outfit pictures. What this means for you is a tiny sneak peek of my new apartment. This hallway leads off from the living room up to the kitchen, and that forest green wall you can see in the background is destined to be taupey-brown colour called Down to Earth, a decision I literally deliberated over for WEEKS. I finally took the plunge yesterday, and bought my paint at Rona. The wood motif is the base decor theme throughout the entire apartment, and I love it so much. It’s like a cottage up in here, and I’m baking brownies to prove it. Mother Hubbard who?

On a completely unrelated note, I discovered a medium-sized hole along the back-left arm seam of this dress, and unknowingly walked around with it there all day. I wonder, did the other girls at work notice and feel they don’t know me well enough yet to say anything? Did they not notice at all? I think I would have told someone about it because just last week I tucked in the tag of a co-worker’s shirt, and didn’t think anything of it. She seemed appreciative, but maybe I just didn’t see it, and she bolted for the bathroom and scoured her neck with public-washroom paper towel…

Fall is here

Shoes, Aldo; dress, Le Chateau; tank, H&M.

Necklace, watch (it doesn’t work), and earrings, vintage; single strand of hair, mine.

This morning on my way to work, I regretted leaving without a jacket, this evening I was chilly while taking these pictures on the deck, and tonight when I went for a run, I wore pants and a long-sleeved shirt for the first time since the early spring. Yes, it’s definitely fall. I even pulled out one of my “winter” dresses today – this snakeskin-print faux wrap dress from Le Chateau that I bought about five years ago. It’s still going strong! In the back shot of the dress, I think it’s difficult not to notice how long my hair is. I’ve been growing it out for almost 21 months, and I think it’s getting close to donation time. (Here is what it looked like the last time I got it cut.) This is the absolute longest I’ve had my hair since high school, and I can’t wait to get it cut! It will feel so strange when the ponytail is snipped off. Eeek!

And now, back to my regularly scheduled programming – tonight’s season premiere of The Vampire Diaries followed by catching up with Season 2 of Hot in Cleveland

A casual kind of day

Shoes and shirt, Giant Tiger; jeans, Costa Blanca.

Earrings, H&M; ring, vintage.

Turns out, I did leave the house today, to go to the mall. I had to pick up some birthday presents, as well as some beauty essentials I am running low on (foundation, primer, eyeshadow, and lip balm). I wore what I felt was an appropriate outfit for walking around the mall, but, as usual, I saw a few women tottering around in high heels and looking completely uncomfortable. How do women shop this way? I don’t understand!

What I DO understand is my need for a pair of long feather earrings with sparkly accents, a la Aria  from Pretty Little Liars. I saw a black and white pair at Aldo Accessories, but decided not to buy them today. Darcy did get a pink-and-white-checked shirt for $5, though! Thanks, H&M men’s clearance rack! I did see a lot of other items I wanted (including an abundance of animal-print clothing at H&M), but none of these things were on sale, and you know what that means…no dice! The sales racks were actually either pathetic or non-existent, so I guess this isn’t a great time of year for deals at the mall. Oh, well, that’s better for my wallet. Now, it’s time to get back to my TV shows for the evening: America’s Next Top Model and Up All Night. What are you looking forward to watching this fall?

It’s all in the skirt

Sandals, Old Navy; skirt, H&M; belt, blouse, and purse, thrifted.

Ring, necklace, and earrings, vintage.

Just a quick post during the commercial breaks of the season premiere of Parenthood! (Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes between me and my shows. You hear?)

I wore this outfit to the store today, and was complimented by a co-worker for my “vintage vibe.” That compliment is all because of this wonderful, wonderful skirt I bought this summer from H&M. It was $15, and I loved it so much that I bought it in red, too. Yes, it’s true – I spent $30 plus tax on two pieces of clothing. Be still, my beating heart.

Tomorrow I have very little reason to leave the house, so I plan to have pancakes for breakfast, and spend most of the day in workout shorts and a T-shirt, and no makeup. There will be no visual documentation of this.

P.S. Who else is tired of seeing the trailer for Dolphin Tale?

Welcome back!

Where I was all this time. 

First things first: let’s clear up the rumours all the gossip rags have been printing about me. No, I didn’t die, no, I didn’t change my hair colour to brown and marry Prince William, and no, I am not the next Bachelorette.

Hellloooooooooo – I’m back! I took the summer off from blogging, and, to be honest, thought about not coming back. I was asking myself all the usual turmoil-filled blogger questions that have created new problems exclusive to the new millennium – What am I getting out of the blog? Who even cares about it? Why do I bother? I have come to the conclusion, however, that blogging IS worth it to me, even if it’s just my mom who reads my posts. I like to write, and De Facto Redhead gives me an outlet to do so in a style that doesn’t translate to what I am committed to professionally. And, let’s face it, those questions I was asking myself were definitely spurred on because I obviously struggled with my outfit postings over the last year. That was because, well, I NEVER LEFT THE HOUSE. This was making me feel down on my wardrobe, and the whole point of the blog in general. There have been some employment changes around here, though, and I now have a part-time gig that has me going out to client meetings and interviewing people, as well as another part-time retail job at a baby-goods store. This means I am regularly choosing outfits again, as well as sifting through my jewellery box almost every day.

And, speaking of my jewellery box(es), I have decided to focus less on outfit pictures and more on close-ups of the jewellery I have on. I think I have to admit that I am a confirmed addict when it comes to jewellery, and considering the fact that it took me over three hours last night to organize only SOME of my jewellery, it’s imperative that I transform my obsession into something that’s at least semi-productive. I will also, of course, continue to write about anything and everything else that strikes my fancy. I know my grab-bag blog fans out there are anxious for me to get back into the swing of things (ahem, Caroline!).

So there you have it. I hereby swear to blog regularly…

Out in my backyard, using my new tripod, not used to the lighting…or the sun, apparently. I wore this to a staff meeting at the store today, and then around the house, working.

Shoes, Forever 21; leggings, Dynamite; tube dress, Spoof; flowered smock, Winners; purse, thrifted.

Necklace, Smart Set; earrings, Bitten, gift from Erin; bracelet, vintage.