How I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

What the flag says.

I know there are plenty of people out there celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with carbohydrates of another variety (the variety that involves green dye, hops, and alcohol), but here in the De Facto Redhead brewpub, Irish soda bread was our top o’ the evenin’.

If you chose to participate in today’s “holiday,” I hope you had (or are having) a fun day. As for me, in about five minutes, my fun time of the day is about to involve a plate, a knife, some butter, a chunk of bread, and American Idol, followed by Shameless.┬áC’est delicieuse et decadent, mes leprechauns.

3 thoughts on “How I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

  1. What a funny coincidence… I, too, spent my St. Paddy’s Day evening in front of the tube, although my shameless indulgences came in the form of The Office, Outsourced, and Wipeout. (The Big Balls of Spring are here!)

    PS – That bread better be homemade!!

  2. Yes, it’s homemade! Click on the link for the recipe – it’s easy! New Office last night? Friday night plans, done and done.

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