Post-Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day crowns. Thanks, Mary-Sue!

Did you know yesterday was Valentine’s Day? Haha. My Valentine’s Day greetings included cards from my brother and my mom and dad, a gift from Darcy’s mom, and then a night out in Etobicoke and Mississauga with the D-Man. For Christmas, he bought me (us) tickets to Moulin Rouge: The Ballet, at The Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, and, conveniently, the show fell on Valentine’s Day. We debated going somewhere “nice” for dinner, but we hadn’t made reservations, and instead decided to eat at one our favourite places that ended up satisfying us just as much as anywhere else could have – Apache Burgers, in Etobicoke.

Delicious food abounds.

We only eat here every few months or so because it’s not exactly health food, but oh my God, is it good. We both agree that it’s the best burger we’ve ever had, and the onion rings are scrumptious. For under $30, we got a burger and onion rings each, a pop to share, and two chocolate malt shakes to top off the meal. Mmmmmmm…malt shake.

Right: Poster, self-explanatory; Left: Our view from the right balcony.

I took the furtive picture on the right after Darcy saw someone else pull out their camera. There were signs and announcements about NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! so I felt like Big Brother was about to seize me at any minute, but I managed to get out alive in the end. We both enjoyed the show, and Darcy was pleasantly surprised at how much he liked the ballet, especially after making jokes beforehand about how he was going to fall asleep. Giving the ballet another chance will definitely be in our future. I went to one about four years ago, so this was practically my first time at the ballet as well. I have to admit, though, I kept thinking about Black Swan, and imagining Black Swan-esque things about the lead dancer who played Nathalie. I won’t go into details, so as not to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it, but did I see scratches on her shoulders? Anyway, Moulin Rouge is my favourite movie, and while names and parts of the story were different in the ballet, the premise was pretty much the same, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Here is what we did when we got home:

Boots, Spring; leggings, Dynamite; green tube-dress, Spoof; T-shirt, Esprit; belt, Le Chateau; necklace and earrings, vintage.

It’s me at 11 pm.

After taking outfit pictures for me, Darcy opened our Valentine’s Day package from his mom, and among some candy and pajamas were crackers (I failed in making mine “crack”), from which we pulled a piece of paper that ordered each of us to get our significant other ice cream and write them love letters.  HAHA. We doth don yon crowns instead.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

5 thoughts on “Post-Valentine’s Day

  1. Yes, that is the second pair of over-the-knee boots! They’re a bit hard to pick out because my leggings are black as well, so good eye, Ami, good eye!

  2. You and D-Money went to the ballet on Valentine’s Day?? How romantic!

    (And the pre-show burger was a nice touch, too!)

    By the way, you guys were rocking those crowns like nobody’s business. Well done!

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