The woman, the man, and the wardrobe

My lovely Elga two-door wardrobe from IKEA, and the pretty Malla boxes that look so neat and tidy inside it. Please ignore the finger smudges on the doors. I just washed them yesterday, for God’s sake!

Voila! My latest closet, newly installed a couple weeks ago (thanks to the Darcys, both brother and boyfriend, and dad for putting it together!). The reason for its purchase was because the closet in the bedroom seemed too small for me, as I have more things to store than Darcy, and the closet just seemed more practical for him. Lies! Ahem…

During these initial closet discussions, I had the bravery to suggest that if all of my things didn’t fit into my wardrobe, perhaps, maybe, I could use the spare space in Darcy’s closet? This idea was met with one of the most withering looks I have ever seen. I saw this look a few times over the course of the clothing-storage saga, which reached its climax when I was emptying my boxes and putting away the last of my clothes. Interrupted by the need to go to Wal-Mart for a second time that day to buy hangers, I was then accused of being a hoarder, and then told that I absolutely had to get rid of some clothes. Filled with panic, I refused to do anything about the hangers/space/clothes problem for about an hour. Instead, I stewed about what to do, even though Darcy was right and the answer was obvious: bye-bye clothes.

Since I had to perform this tricky operation, I decided to be ruthless in its execution, and started going through my closet and the piles of clothes on the bed with wild abandon. This had a small stain! That had a small hole! This was slightly ill-fitting! That’s an old T-shirt! I haven’t worn this in a long time! Bonanzas, bozos, and bazookas!

Breathless but satisfied with my progress, I called Darcy in to take a look at my two boxes of discarded items. “That doesn’t look like very much” was the response. I stared at him blankly.

Suffice it to say, nothing else was put in those boxes, and they made it to the Salvation Army as is.

See anything you recognize from previous posts?

And, just so you can see what I passed on, here is Darcy’s closet. As you can see, he doesn’t lack for clothes, either, but I’m pretty sure I could still fit some things in there…

Darcy’s wardrobe on display in his Selectives Custom Closet Organizer and Skubb boxes.

Ontario growing pains

Happy Birthday to me!

Greetings, De Facto Redhead readers! I have to apologize for my extremely intermittent postings – moving from Alberta to Ontario has been a huge process that isn’t even finished yet! Since I left Wildrose Country on June 26, I have lived in a college residence in Oakville, moved onward to Erin’s place in Hamilton, and then back north again to Burlintgton into my and Darcy’s apartment. But do you think everything went smoothly along the way? Um, no, it didn’t. First, our car was broken into in Hamilton – driver’s side window smashed – and our new GPS was stolen. No! Second, we didn’t have hot water over the long weekend in August, the weekend we moved in. Darcy and I actually boiled water in a roasting pan on the stove. Hi, Laura Ingalls! Third, Bell kept us waiting for over a week for Internet, thanks to their incompetence and unreliable records. A $50 credit placated me, but not enough to cease the bad-mouthing. Fourth, I scratched and dented the rental car we had while our car was in the shop being repaired. I was at IKEA and scratched the car along a small stone wall that I was parked beside. It was horrible, dreadful, and just plain loathsome! And, I had just negotiated a discount on some slightly beat-up shelving, so my proud moment was ruined by this considerably larger concern.

But, there are good things too! I turned 28 at the beginning of August, the new apartment is slowly but surely coming together (instead of purple bedroom walls, I now have blue ones!), I had a fabulous time at my friend Caroline’s birthday dinner at Brasaii on Friday, and I changed all my addresses last week, which means I am officially an Ontario resident again! Once I get more of the apartment decorated, however, I will post pictures for your voyeuristic pleasure, but until then, this outfit from Friday’s party is just going to have to do!

Shoes, Guess via The Bay; skirt, H&M; top, Forever 21; bracelets mixture of vintage and gifts; earrings, gift; ring, Aldo Accessories.

Dinner was at 7, and I have to admit, I felt ridiculously overdressed for walking around in broad daylight like this, but what’s a girl to do? Through humidity, stilettos, a short, tight skirt, and scratchy subway seats, a woman’s got to do her best to strut it, no?

FYI: You might recognize this skirt from Erin’s birthday party, and the top from my latest Tally It Up total.