Do I belong on Broadway?

Shoes, Forever 21; tights, gift from Mom; shorts, Urban Behaviour; belt, vintage; T-shirt, Wal-Mart; bracelets, vintage; earrings, gift from Jen.

The sequined shorts live! Today is the debut of these babies, and I have to admit while getting ready this afternoon I had my reservations. I even wavered into buyer’s remorse territory. *Shudder* I was with Kristy when I bought them, so I was worried her enthusiastic encouragement (“Those are so you!”), plus the fact that the shorts were half-price, had clouded my shopping vision. Nay! Now that I can see the shorts in action, after much closet-content deliberation, my love and faith in all things sequined is renewed. I know sequins aren’t for everyone, and in such quantities as this, can shock the eyes, as evidenced by these four reactions I had at work tonight, which I wrote down immediately afterward for blogging purposes:

“Tell those hot pants to cool it!”

“I need sunglasses to look at you.”

“Oooooooh! Sparkly!”


What’s your reaction? More “the horror!” than “me likey!”? Or the opposite? Go, sequins, go!

Oil changes aren’t all bad

Of course it was on sale!

Last Wednesday I had go and take care of a less-than-desirable errand – an oil change. I am pro-car, yet anti-car. I don’t like dealing with anything car-related, but I love having a car to take to the grocery store. What’s a girl to do? Shop, that’s what. Luckily, located in the same plaza as Canadian Tire were a few stores I could peruse while waiting for the work on my car to be finished. The shops in the vicinity weren’t ones I normally go into, but I had to work with what I had – this was a browsing emergency!

First stop, Reitmans. Quick scan, try on one pair of sandals, reject, exit. A Paderno kitchen store was next. Leisurely stroll, shock at the prices, buy nothing. Stop at Quiznos for a sub. Annoyed that there is no regular mustard, only honey mustard. Buy sub anyway, on a medium-size bun. Grow increasingly disgusted with honey mustard and reject sandwich along with sandals at Reitmans. Irritated with self for not buying the smaller size of sandwich, even with knowledge that medium-size sandwich would have medium-sized serving of honey mustard. Head to Zellers to check out clearance sections. Score above necklace, negating other bad experiences of afternoon. Buy necklace, US Weekly, and gum. Walk back to Canadian Tire and read celebrity gossip in waiting room. Score deal on oil change – sale on synthetic Mobil 1 oil. Yep, I said it – it’s me, talkin’ shop about synthetic Mobil 1 oil.

Tally it Up total: necklace from Zellers – $3.13; overall total so far in 2010 – $276.52