Let’s gossip!

At long last, Gossip Girl is back! How many of my readers are fans of the show? I know you exist, so don’t bother denying it. I’m admitting it to the world, so you can, too. I’ll be the first to say that many of the plot lines are ridiculous and soap-opera to the nth degree, but I’ve always been a big follower of scandals and animals and all their lovers, so when the women in question are as fabulously dressed as Serena and Blair, well, what do hope do I have, really, of avoiding such a salacious sensation?

No need to recap the episode – if you’re a fan you’re a fan and you’ll know what I’m talking about. And if you’re not a fan, you can look forward to my next post, which will most likely be based around a peanut butter/chocolate dessert.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty!

First, I have to comment on Serena’s over-the-knee boots in the opening scene on the street. And by comment I mean AHHHHHHH!!! Does a non-word, caps, and triple exclamation points sufficiently explain my absolute and undying love for these boots? I would sleep with them at night and pet them a la “pretty bird, pretty bird.”

The boots of my bliss.

And what a choice quote we have in the next scene from Jenny McBitch Humphries: (To Lily) “If we wanted to have sex, we would go to a hotel.” Oh, OK. Nothing to fuel the passion┬álike a teenage tryst over a shared interest in drug smuggling. Drug mule!

While I’m on the subject, what has happened to Jenny? I have a pretty strong dislike going for her now and want to see her fall. I wish Eric would try and exact some more revenge on her. And don’t you think that drug-coat she made was cheap-looking and bordering on hideous? I can’t understand why Serena would agree to wear it after planning her entire outfit around, well, not wearing something that sounded like reindeer’s bells wishing you a Merry Christmas every time you moved. Honestly, did you hear that thing clanking and clinking whenever someone touched it? Serena, you had an OUTFIT planned – who cares if Damien gave you the bolero from hell.┬áThe drug-coat totally ruined Serena’s amazingly hot dress at the French ambassador’s ball. Black. Plunging neckline. High slit. Long sleeves. Backless. Need I say more?

Those aren’t your grandmother’s jewelled embellishments…

Blair also looked fantastic at the ball – her sparkly coat, sleek dress, braided hair, and chunky earrings were the complete package of the glamour only Blair can pull off (and maybe me too. If I was American. And crazy-rich. And lived on the Upper East Side. And had a famous fashion designer for a mother. And dated Chuck Bass. And…).

In another rip on Jenny, I thought her lipstick at the ball was too pink. The rest of her makeup looked great, and her eyes looked particularly amazing, but the lipstick…negative. Other thoughts on that?

So as not to dismiss the men of GG, has anyone else noticed Chuck’s more eccentric style of dress has gone the way of the dodo? I, like, um, like, totally get that he’s a super-high-powered business magnate…at 21 years old…but I miss his prepped-out country-club pant, shirt, and vest combos. They were so smug and languid with a very exact air of snob. I loved them.

Aaaaaand, back to Jenny again. Toward the end of the episode when Damien’s balloon-ego gets popped by Serena’s flouncy, well-manicured finger, Jenny swoops in for the kill and says coldly, “Maybe next time you won’t be so quick to dismiss me.” Who does Jenny think she is? Blair can pull off this line, Jenny can’t. No matter. Jenny’s in for more drug-smuggling high jinx in upcoming episodes, so let’s just sit back and watch until all of this inevitably blows up in Jenny’s pouty little face.

So, let’s go GG aficionados – let’s gossip! “XOXO…”

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