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Me with the precious cargo; the precious cargo.

This year the boyfriend and I decided to go low-key with Valentine’s Day – no cards or gifts, just a day of doing little things together. First up was a visit to Flirt Cupcakes on Whyte Avenue for free goods. It was Flirt’s one-year anniversary on Sunday, and in honour of it, they were giving away cupcakes to the first 100 people in the shop. I almost got in a car accident trying to read the sign in the window that advertised this promotion a few weeks ago, so it’s pretty obvious how excited I was about getting my free cupcake.

The reason I was so excited is because Flirt cupcakes are honestly the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. Their competition down the street, Fuss Cupcakes, has nuttin’ on Flirt, yo! The cake of the cupcakes at Flirt is so dense and moist, and the icing is so thick and sugary (but not in that bad grocery-store cake way) that the whole package leaves you wanting more, more, more, even though one is probably enough to make you feel full and satisfied. But, I am never one to stop eating junk before I’m just about ready to throw up, so I would willingly and easily eat more than one Flirt cupcake if I was, you know, “forced.” So in love with Flirt am I that once, when the boyfriend went away for a few days this past summer, my first stop after he was out the door was a trip to Flirt to buy a half-dozen cupcakes as part of my alone-time indulgences. Mmmmmm…luxury!

So, for all of my readers who don’t live in Edmonton – c’est domage, mes amis! For all of my readers who do live in Edmonton – what in heck are you waiting for? Aye! Flirt-ward, ho!

Anyway, after the morning’s excitement of the Flirt expedition, for which I was up at 8:30 am and for which I showed up way too early (the store wasn’t open yet, and there was no one in line but me and the boyfriend, so we had to go for a walk about the block), we went home to eat our cupcake and relax for a couple hours before I had to get down to work on some editing projects I have on the go right now. But, what better way to relax than to start catching up on this season’s Project Runway episodes? And so, between work and taking breaks during the rest of the day, I did manage to get five episodes in without becoming a complete vegetable and having my body’s bones fuse to the couch. The boyfriend and I don’t know which designers are our favourites yet, but I do know that I felt inexplicably sympathetic for Ping and thought her partner on the team challenge was a big a-hole. And then, when she got the boot, I actually teared up during her closing commentary. Why was I so emotionally invested in her?

The latter part of the day/evening was spent eating a heart-shaped pizza from Boston Pizza (thanks for the gift card, mom!). And no, we did not stand over the pizza box and hold hands, gazing at the heart. More like, we complained that the heart didn’t really look like one, and did the pizza seem soggy? Thus, the conclusion to Valentine’s Day 2010 – cupcakes, Project Runway, and pizza.

Note to Boston Pizza fans: If you sign up for the Boston Pizza e-mail newsletter, you will get a coupon in your inbox for a free appetizer!

Note to Fashion and Me fans: I finally got an (almost) full-body shot of my special outfit from my surprise visit to Ontario last weekend. You can check it out below.

Skirt, tank, and hat/hair piece, H&M; necklace, Forever 21.

(Skirt and tank from this shopping trip.)

6 thoughts on “Get flirty

  1. MJ and I are dissappointed with this batch of PR designers. No one is stepping up! Ping annoyed me, but I also thought her partner was a grade A A-hole!

    P.S. left early for the office today and so skipped breakfast. me hungy! me want cupcake! me want to eat so many cupcakes me fur get matted with cupcake crumbs and icing! me not monster. me just love cupcakes.

  2. Erin, me know monsters like cupcakes. Monsters notorious for cupcake-store raids of epic proportions. Monsters stealthy like that.

    As for the heart-dress challenge, I hated that they had to incorporate the Campbell’s branding into the dress. I mean, how is it possible to make something nice when you have to do that? I didn’t really like any of the dresses, just pieces of various ones, like the perfect place-hitting neckline/bustline on the star dress. I suppose if I had to pick, though, I would choose the one that had the gold-ish fabric running through it that the designer from Marchesa said she knew she shouldn’t like but did, for some reason. What did you think?

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